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  • Generate high-quality bookings consistently
  • Accelerate growth and achieve sales goals
  • Harness a predictable, tried-and-tested system
  • Automate lead nurturing
  • Get clarity and laser focus
  • Hire and manage a lean team
  • Gain support via a community of tour operators
  • Build confidence with PPC ads and control costs
  • Scale to 7- and 8-figure profits

Do you want to do more than just survive the latest crisis?

Need direction and guidance so you can move forward with confidence?

Learn how to take control and build a better, future-proofed tour operator business.

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The Goal:
sales growth

Course Length:
6 weeks

Course Format:

What is it?

Tour Operator Accelerator™ is a 6-week online course with ‘follow along’ video content, live Q&A calls and a community of tour operator business owners. It shows you how to Get More Bookings® and build a better business.

Who is it for?

Accelerator is for people who already have an established tour operator business with clients, but want to Get More Bookings® and grow by 7-figures with predictable systems, automation, lean team and PPC ads. It works for anybody, regardless of your previous knowledge or experience.

Where does it happen?

The Tour Operator Accelerator program is online and consists of training videos, tools, live Q&A calls and a private members’ Facebook community of businesses like yours. You complete it online, on your own time.

How does it work?

You watch the videos, complete the action items, use the provided tools and templates. Ask questions in the Facebook group or on the live Q&A calls, follow the process, get results.

Why does it exist?

We created Accelerator because there was nothing that showed tour operators how to start getting more bookings direct from customers so they can grow sales in a predictable, consistent and systemized way without relying on B2B buyers and OTA platforms that want too much commission. We filled that void, and in extreme detail.

When does it start?

Accelerator is an online course – it starts the moment you enroll. You can complete it in your own time and work through it as fast or slow as you wish. You get One Year access.

Here’s How It Works

To build a better travel business and Get More Bookings® without the frustrating trial-and-error of in-house initiatives or the expensive, “one size fits all” approach of external digital agencies,
you need an immersive environment.

Tour Operator Accelerator™ provides a proven process specific to the travel industry with tools, ready-to-use templates, community and expert mentorship.

Proven Process

Designed and developed over 8+ years by industry experts working exclusively with tour operator partners. Follow a “paint-by-numbers” process that’s practical, problem solving and results-driven.

Tools & Templates

Reprogram the way you capture prospects and sales opportunities for your business with the aid of carefully selected tools and
ready-to-use templates.

Travel Industry Community

We believe in building a strong network of friends, not contacts. We bring like-minded yet diverse tour operator businesses together to connect, collaborate, help, inspire, encourage and belong.

Expert Mentorship

We guarantee our training videos will answer most questions you have, but if there’s something still niggling you, get 24/7 access to our content portal, bi-weekly Q&A calls, closed Facebook group, and email.

It’s Already Helped Tour Operators Like You Achieve Results Like


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Tour Operator Accelerator Course Content

In just 6 weeks, we’ll help you Get More Bookings® and build a better
travel business, here’s how.

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19 Modules

Week 1: Foundations & Fundamentals

3 Modules

    • Setting Your Foundations
      • A full overview of the program and the core parts we focus on to get results. This video is extremely important to understand the road ahead. Here’s what we cover:
        • Our main purpose and objective – the Get More Bookings® transformation
        • General housekeeping and how to get the most out of this program
        • Important things to remember going into this
        • Overview of the program and what we’re going to cover
    • 00:47:38
    • 30,000 Ft System Overview
      • In this video we’ll take a deeper look at the Get More Bookings® system model of growing your tour operator business, and how it differs from the traditional approach many operators are using. Here’s what we cover:
        • Why the Get More Bookings® system exists
        • Unpacking and understanding sales funnels
        • Core elements and technologies we will be using
        • The Warchest: campaign investment costs
    • 01:17:52
    • Community & How to Get Help
      • We’ve got you covered when it comes to support! Select from the following options:
        • Search the Content Portal & Community Hub. Using the ‘search’ function in the navigation menu looks for answers in all training videos, Q&A call recordings and more.
        • Facebook & WhatsApp Group. Join our active community of tour operators who are all on the same path, ask questions, join in!
        • Q&A Call. Attend weekly Q&A calls, ask questions and get answers live from our expert coaches.
        • Email Support. If all else fails, submit a support request and one of our team will get back to you.
    • 00:09:38

Week 2: Campaign Strategy & Content Planning

3 Modules

    • Journey of Self Discovery
      • In this video we discuss the self-discovery process — something that is essential to shift your business to the new model. We get to work completing your Discovery Questionnaire, uncovering the unique aspects of your tour offering and client persona. You want to have a pen and paper handy, and you want to pay close attention to this video. Let’s get to work. Here’s what we cover:
        • Why the self-discovery process is so important to your success
        • Best practices to make sure you get the most out of self-discovery
        • How this process can benefit training new staff and briefing content creators
        • An inside look into what a well-executed discovery looks like
    • 01:18:08
    • Business Discovery & Campaign Strategy
      • In this video we show you how to take your completed self-discovery from the previous module, and convert it into a Business Discovery and Campaign Strategy. This is the most streamlined battle plan possible to build your funnel around without having to spend six months creating content, and forms the final blueprint for the rest of the process. Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of the business discovery conversion process
        • Designing your intake survey flow
        • Creating your content strategy
    • 01:03:31
    • Content Creation
      • In this module we bring everything from week two together to form your content — the written words that you will use when trying to persuade them to pay attention and build interest in your tours. We show you how to tie together all the different worksheets and research components from this week and find a copywriter you’re comfortable with. This is a crucial module! Here’s what we cover:
        • The power of long-form copy for persuading prospects
        • Overview of the content we’ll be creating
        • Hiring your copywriter
    • 00:35:41

Week 3: Analysing & Mapping Your Sales Process

4 Modules

    • Sales Process Self Discovery
      • In this video we’re going to introduce you to the selling approach we use that has helped businesses of all kinds to close more deals without resorting to pushy sales tactics for over 50 years. You’ll be gathering any travel consultant or sales reps on your staff together for a team huddle and having an open discussion on improvement. Get your pen and paper out, because this training is going to show you the art and the science of tour operator sales. Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of the ‘Mad Men’-era progressive sales process
        • Analysing your current sales process
        • Mapping your submarine stages
    • 00:47:16
    • Building Your Get More Bookings® Handbook
      • In this training video today, we’re going to teach you a handful of new sales concepts that you can use to upgrade your mindset and improve the psychology of your whole sales team. Then we’ll show you how to take years of insights, best practises and battle-tested templates from the Get More Bookings Handbook and really turn it into your own playbook for handling inquiries and generating bookings. It’s sales week – let’s do this! Here’s what we cover:
        • The difference between deal makers and order takers
        • The importance of follow ups
        • Using a multichannel approach for engagement
        • Using a multithreaded approach for group buy-in
        • Overview of the Get More Bookings Handbook
    • 00:53:13
    • Get More Bookings® System Account Creation
      • In this module, we’re going to show you how to set up accounts for the basic technologies we’ll be using throughout the rest of the program. This is our first step out of the strategic and into the technical, so we keep it very simple to start with by getting your usernames and passwords created and doing some housekeeping. Here’s what we cover:
        • Using a campaign email address for setting this up
        • Scripts – what they are and why they’re important
        • The nine technologies we’ll be creating accounts for today
    • 00:33:06
    • Closing Sales
      • In this video today, we’ll be setting up your CRM system so it’s ready for managing – and responding to – all your inquiries. We also cover some of the most advanced tactics in the whole program for building better relationships with your potential future clients on calls, taking deposits and getting way more bookings. This is high-level stuff, so make sure you’ve got your pen and paper handy. Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of the CRM and Deals View
        • Using advanced voice and video call techniques to close more deals
        • Using an itinerary planner and taking the deposit
    • 00:58:06

Week 4: Building Your Funnel

3 Modules
    • Intake Survey Assembly
      • Welcome to week four of the Tour Operator Accelerator program, where we’ll be building out the funnel. Specifically, we’re going to drill down into the details and show you step by step, click by click, exactly how the technical parts of the funnel work. In this module, we’re going to start by assembling the intake survey – the bridge that turns interested prospects into opportunities that are ready to be developed by your sales team. So let’s jump into it.Here’s what we cover:
        • Connecting your accounts
        • Assembling your Intake Survey
        • Assembling your Site Chatbot Widget
        • Creating conversion pages and goals
        • Installing the ‘Intake Auto-Response’ automation
    • 00:55:05
    • Email Course Assembly
      • In this video, we’re going to show you – in extreme detail – why educational email courses are one of the most important and effective parts of the entire Get More Bookings system. We’ll deep dive into exactly what you need to do to finalize this part of the system, and by the end you’re going to understand exactly how this helps your prospects through their decision-making period with engaging, informative and authority-building content that keeps them coming back for more.Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of the email course and why it’s important
        • Importing final automations
        • Assembling the avatar email signature
        • Assembling the email course sign up resources
        • Importing email content
    • 01:05:20
    • Landing Pages Assembly
      • In today’s training, we’re assembling your landing pages. We’re going to explain the different variants and the roles they play in your prospective future client’s journey towards making a booking. And then we’re going to show you – with step-by-step detailed instructions – how to set up landing pages for both your article and product pages. We also cover colour theory, helping you improve colour combinations for your tour operator business so you can maximize conversions. Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of landing pages and why they’re important
        • Itinerary lightbox creation
        • Assembling the pages – content and design
        • Page settings, SEO and adding scripts
    • 00:47:58

Week 5: Ads Creation & Launch

3 Modules

    • Preparing & Creating Video
      • In this module we kick off ads week — covering production of your very own 30-second video creative to power your campaigns with. We’re also going to cover the fundamental studies and data that makes this format work so well, and how it allows us to buy cost-effective Facebook and Instagram ads, so we can turn those ads into paying clients at a profit. Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of video in ads and why it’s important
        • Preparing your video content for production
        • Producing your final video ready for advertising
    • 00:56:10
    • Building Your Facebook Ads Campaign
      • In this video today, we’re going to give you an overview of Facebook Ads and how we use them to start attracting your potential future clients into your Get More Bookings funnel. We’ll also show you exactly how the campaigns break down too, so that by the end of today, your ads will be live and operational. Let’s do this! Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of Facebook Ads and why they’re important
        • The three campaign types and setting up conversion tracking
        • Creation of your ad sets: audiences, targeting, budgets and bids
        • Building your ads
    • 01:06:39
    • Building Your Google Ads Campaign
      • In this module, you’ll be adding yet another advertising weapon to your arsenal – Google Ads. We’ll give you an overview of what they are and why we use them within the Get More Bookings system to drive immediate action from the 3% of active buyers in your niche travel market.Then we’ll show you how to research the exact phrases these potential future clients are using right now to find travel services like yours, so you can target them and start bringing in demand for your tours right out of the gate. Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of Google Ads and why they’re important
        • Conducting keyword research and assembling ad copy
        • Preparing your Google Ads account for ads
        • Uploading and launching your ads
    • 01:13:13

Week 6: Optimize & Scale

3 Modules
    • Monitoring & Measuring Results
      • Welcome to week six of the Tour Operator Accelerator program, where we’ll be guiding you through a successful Launch Phase and onwards towards optimization and scaling your bookings. In this video, we’re going to show you the daily workflow that you’re going to execute every single day when managing your Get More Bookings system.When you wake up each morning or whenever you decide to schedule your daily check in with your ads, you’re going to follow this process to make sure everything is working correctly. You’ll learn how to report on key data, cut the fat from your ads, troubleshoot issues and stabilize your overall performance. It’s really important that this is done every day – it’s vital to your success in the weeks and months ahead. Here’s what we cover:
        • Recap of your KPIs and Goals
        • Daily workflow of an accelerating tour operator
        • Monthly analysis of an accelerating tour operator
    • 01:02:46
    • Broadcasting to Your Prospects
      • In this video, we’re going to explain the importance of emailing your growing list of email course subscribers after they complete your email course to continue the conversation with them. We’ll walk you through sending your first broadcast, and give you a plan to continue keeping your list warm and engaged. Do it right, and this will become the largest and most cost effective source of long-term revenue that you can command in your tour operator business. Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of broadcasting and why it’s important
        • Sending your first broadcast
        • Keeping your list warm long-term
    • 01:22:27
    • Advanced Strategies for Scaling Results
      • In this final module of the Tour Operator Accelerator™ program, we’re going to look beyond the Launch Phase and explore some of the more advanced strategies you can deploy as you transition from following the paint-by-numbers process you’ve used so far. This is going to help you take control of your future, so you can test and effectively manage ongoing performance improvements in your Get More Bookings® system. This is some of our most cutting-edge stuff, so make sure you’ve got your pen and paper handy. Here’s what we cover:
        • Overview of scaling and taking control of your future
        • Funnel optimization and scaling strategies
        • Ads campaign optimization and scaling strategies
        • Taking the next step with Get More Bookings®
    • 01:24:04

Learn at Your Own Pace With One Year Access

We empower you with the tools and knowledge but you decide the pace at which you wish to learn.

With Tour Operator Accelerator, participate through multiple formats:
online videos, downloadable materials, live calls and social community.

Online E-Learning Content Portal

Watch training videos, access Q&A call recordings and download or save ready-to-use templates to your Google Drive.

Downloadable Templates

We provide ready-to-use templates, questionnaires, cheat sheets and best practice guides so all the information you require is at your fingertips whenever you like.

Interactive Travel Business Community

We believe in building a strong network of friends, not contacts. We bring like-minded yet diverse travel businesses together to connect, collaborate, help, inspire, encourage and belong.

Expert Mentorship Here for You

Speak to our experts on bi-weekly Q&A calls, via our closed Facebook group or email. If you can’t make one of the Q&A calls, no problem! All calls are recorded and uploaded to the Content Portal.

How to Turn Crisis Into Opportunity
Bonus Training Series

We understand that running a tour operator business is a tough racket right now.

So to support the industry-wide relief effort through the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve released a
FREE training series ‘How to Turn Crisis Into Opportunity’.

Here’s What We Cover in This Free Series:


  • Optics on the current crisis facing tour operators
  • Getting your house in order – defensive strategies checklist
  • The obstacle is the way – counter attacking strategies checklist
  • 10xFlex: the booking policy template to secure deposits now
  • Using this time to consolidate and capitalize.


Remember: once your defensive priorities are secured, now is the perfect time
to work on the backend of your business.

If you aren’t using an industry-wide downturn to build new systems so you capitalise
when the storm clears…
…you can bet your competitors are.

Now is the time to turn crisis into opportunity.

Not ready for the full Accelerator program? Try the bonus training series for free forever when you register for a trial, and we’ll get you set up and orientated in the content portal.

Here’s a Summary of Everything You Get

This is not your typical “course”. We provide you with everything your
travel business needs to be successful.

Tour Operator Accelerator™
As used by 80+ tour operators

  • Generate high quality bookings consistently and predictably
  • Accelerate growth & achieve sales goals
  • Build a scalable tried-and-tested system
  • Automate lead nurturing
  • Get clarity and laser focus
  • Hire & manage a lean team
  • Gain support via a community of tour operators
  • Build confidence with PPC ads
  • Scale to 7- and 8-figure profits

Here's What Our Tour Operator Partners Are Saying

We’ve developed a deep understanding of the travel industry, and are
proud to have helped many businesses grow over the past 8 years.

Here’s how we’ve helped some of them increase their sales and get massive ROI:

10x Tourism
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Sara Freeland
Sara Freeland
23:45 04 Jun 20
I just completed the free 5-part series and I honestly never do this, but massive kudo's to you guys. It was fantastic!... 🎉It was snappy, interesting, super relevant and I got so much out of it. I had already signed up for a chat with your team this afternoon, but if I hadn't I would 100% be convinced after this series. This is exactly what I have been looking for; smart intelligent information that is directly connected with tourism, and isn't focused on outdated and stuffy sales tactics. I love it!Thanks for taking the time to put this together - 5 big gold stars for you: 🌟read more
Clara Callis
Clara Callis
13:56 01 Jun 20
10x travel has thought a specific plan to increase high quality leads, potential customers contact us even before they... have booked the flight, leaving room to plan the whole trip. Especially interesting if your product has a high price. We have also tried out new product ideas from their insights and it has been a very interesting learning process. I love how Petra writes our e-mail broadcasts, Doria is always available and loves to analyse all the data. Esmee is the best COO. Thank you!read more
Felice Hardy
Felice Hardy
09:31 01 Jun 20
An excellent company that has been a great partner to us since 2012. Highly recommended.
Monica Fachin
Monica Fachin
08:24 29 May 20
I've been working with 10x travel for quite a few years and I'm extremely happy with the work they've been doing and... still do for my business . They have an easy and fresh approach , it's always very easy to connect with them , they deliver projects on time and they're always by your side to help you out when needed . Well done !read more
Lusine MIrzoyan
Lusine MIrzoyan
14:39 26 May 20
A reputable marketing company with a unique approach and great mission. I love the fact that 10x Tourism promotes... sustainability while helping tour operators around the world to grow their more
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Trusted By:

Adventure travel trade association
US Tour Operators Association

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