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  • Generate high-quality booking requests and sales in a predictable, consistent way
  • No more unreliable ‘one size fits all’ marketing – advanced technology uses ‘right time, right message’ strategies across different channels
  • Automation-assisted, ‘hands-off’ approach takes care of the day-to-day work and frees up your time.
  • Designed and developed over 10+ years by industry experts working exclusively with tourism sector partners.

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If You’re A Tour Operator, Travel Agency, DMC or Vacation Rentals Company Wanting More Sales Online, Here’s Two Things You Should Know

You’re leaving money on the table

Most tourism businesses miss out on around 97% of potential bookings from their websites…

It sounds crazy, but most online marketing is focused on reaching just 3% of your potential customers (more on that in a moment).

Paying more money to get more visitors to your website will NOT lead to more long-term sales

It’s not a reliable strategy to just throw more money at Google Ads (or pay an agency to do it) and hope your sales grow as a result.

You can’t expect to see ROI simply by spending more money on getting traffic to your site.

In fact, if you’re trying to ‘sell’ all these visitors a tour as soon as they find you… then your marketing is COSTING your business sales in the long term.

That’s where that 3% Rule* comes in:

Because 97% of your site visitors aren’t looking to buy – yet.

But the good news is: you can still get plenty of sales from these visitors… as long as you follow the right process.

There is a reliable way to get better leads AND take more bookings with online sales and digital marketing, while generating fantastic ROI.

That’s what we do for our tourism partners here at 10x Tourism, by creating automated, customized sales systems designed to do one thing:

Get More Bookings® for Your Travel Business
*The 3% Rule comes from business development expert Jeremy Miller’s
bestselling book ‘Sticky Branding’

If You’re Serious About Getting More Bookings, It’s
Time To Get Serious
About How You Sell Online

In 2023, tourism companies like you face a number of key challenges.

Because the way people buy holidays, vacations and tours has changed. And what worked online just a few short years ago doesn’t work any more.

It’s not enough to just hope leads and sales will suddenly increase if you keep doing the same things:

A blog post here, an emailed offer there, maybe some hit-and-miss Google Ads…

Deep down, you know these aren’t scalable or reliable ways to grow your business.

Then there’s ‘The agency question’

Many travel companies are still splashing out on SEO and Pay-Per-Click marketing agencies in the hope of generating more sales…

But find that these agencies’ generalized, ‘one size fits all’ approach actually has little impact on sales growth.

And when the old tactics don’t work, tourism businesses are left holding the bill.

But across the globe, businesses like yours are seeing reliable results from a customized and predicatable sales process that’s increasing their bookings, providing incredible ROI and driving long-term growth.

These tourism businesses are consistently getting more bookings by following a proven strategy that enhances their brand long-term.

monitoring success

What Are These Successful 7 and 8-Figure Tourism Operators Doing Differently?

They’re building trust with their target market using education-based marketing that doesn’t rely on aggressive, spammy ‘sales tactics’ that turn off potential future customers…

Instead they’re providing informative and useful content that helps their prospects make a buying decision when they’re ready. And they’re making consistent, reliable sales as a result.

It works because the vast majority of your site visitors are not ready to buy today…

But many of them are prepared to buy eventually – as long as you earn their trust, give them a reason to remember you, and follow up strategically.

This process of engagement-based sales helps demonstrate a travel company’s expertise in their niche, and is the key to:

  • Getting more of the right people to your site.
  • Capturing more high-quality ‘warm’ leads.
  • And converting more of those leads into bookings.

And the best part?

They don’t even have to do this work themselves.

How 10x Tourism Helps You Get More Bookings®

At 10x Tourism we create customized sales systems that increase
bookings for tourism businesses like you.

We’ve developed a deep understanding of the travel industry, and are proud to have helped many businesses grow over the past 10 years.

Here’s how we’ve helped some of them increase their sales and get massive ROI:

10x Tourism – The Trusted Digital Sales Partner
For Ambitious Tourism Companies

Our unique ‘Get More Bookings®’ process is designed to grow your sales and boost your brand in a way that marketing agencies can’t.

It takes more than just a new-look website and some SEO tactics for tourism operators to reach seven and even eight-figures in revenue…

So we use proven strategies and the latest technology to give you a sales-generating platform you can rely on.

We customize your sales system specifically for YOUR travel business and YOUR target market…

To produce quality content and messaging that attracts your ideal clients – rather than simply flooding your site with high-cost, poorly-converting traffic.

Unlike generalized marketing agencies who only focus on site traffic or search rankings, as part of our done-for-you service, we’ll design and optimize a complete sales solution for you – one that informs, nurtures and converts visitors into bookings.

Because these are the numbers that really matter…

The ones that turn viewers into guests and create revenue for your business. Without conversions, page rankings and traffic numbers are just statistics.

Sure, newsletter opt-ins and catalogue orders are a good start – but if you don’t have the right follow-up process in place, they won’t lead to more sales.

Our proven strategy combines quality content, optimized advertising, automated ‘conversational’ marketing… and good old-fashioned salesmanship to attract, nurture and convert your browsers into buyers.

Increase travel bookings

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Will Our Unique Sales System Work
For YOUR Travel Business?

At 10x Tourism we work closely with an exclusive group of tourism sector partners who want to increase their bookings with online sales and marketing.

We want to ensure everyone we work with sees incredible ROI from our process over a sustained period, so we only partner with a few new companies each year for our done-for-you service.

We won’t treat your business like the traditional ‘agency model’ that applies the same templated tactics to your marketing as everyone else, and only contacts you when the bill is due.

Instead we’ll get to know you and your business inside-out, and create a customized, consistent sales solution that attracts and converts more of YOUR ideal clients.

That’s why we pledge to only work with travel businesses who:

  • Run an ambitious tour operator, travel agent, DMC or vacation rentals business serving major world markets.
  • Have the financial resources to invest at least $10,000 in growing their business this year
  • Want to grow their business to 7 and 8-figures, generating consistent, reliable ROI over months and years, not weeks.
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Does That Sound Like You? If So, We Can Help.

To find out if we’ll be a good fit for each other, schedule your FREE Strategy Session using the button below.

We’ll ask a few initial questions about your business and your goals, and then you’ll be able to choose a date and time that works for you.

On your Strategy Session you’ll be joined by one of our Get More Bookings® Specialists, who will explain more about the 10x Tourism process and how it would apply to your business specifically.

There’s no obligation to work together after the call, and you’ll leave with a clearer idea of how to make the Get More Bookings system work for your business.