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At 10x Tourism we work with ambitious tourism businesses who want to get more bookings online, so more people can enjoy life-changing global travel experiences.

We do that by creating and implementing automated sales systems that attract, educate and convert more of their ideal clients.

How Did We Get Here?

10x Tourism exists to help more people travel the world. Sustainably.
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Our company was born out of a desire to achieve that goal.

While working in the travel industry back in 2012, founder Max Hardy met countless tour operators who were struggling to make online sales and marketing work.

The industry was changing fast, with more choice available than ever before, and new ways for travellers to research and plan their trips. But that wasn’t good news for everyone…

Because the way most tourism operators had been taught to market and sell no longer matched how people were actually discovering, choosing and booking travel experiences.

That meant tourism companies looking to stand out from the crowd and grow their bookings online found themselves facing more and more challenges…

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Some were spending big on SEO and advertising but getting low returns. Others had websites that didn’t convert sales or generate leads.

We were moved by the stories of so many hard-working business owners who found it almost impossible to grow their bookings in an increasingly competitive space.

These companies were providing unforgettable experiences their customers loved, broadening people’s horizons with their expertise and passion for their areas…

But despite its potential, online marketing wasn’t helping them grow in the ways they needed it to.


We were determined to change that.

We knew we had skills and industry experience that could help tour operators get more sales online, so we began working with some of these businesses to try and turn things around.

Some early breakthroughs showed us we were onto something…
We quickly developed a new style of email marketing for some of our early clients that consistently saw incredible open rates and engagement, and most importantly, produced a flood of new sales.

We then began using email courses to attract, educate and convert new leads – which soon turned into even more sales for our clients and partners.

The key was to tap into the rich seam of travellers looking for more and better quality information about where to travel, when to go and what to do…

And by helping our travel sector partners stand out with authoritative, hyper-relevant content that helped their leads plan their trips, they were able to position themselves as the natural choice once browsers became buyers.

Eventually we refined our strategy into a unique process specifically for tourism businesses looking to break into the seven and eight-figure sales brackets. We called it:

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The Get More Bookings® System

Combining automated, ‘conversational’ digital marketing with high quality content to attract more of their ideal customers, we were able to customize our sales strategy to each client’s specific needs.

Finally tour operators, travel agents, DMCs and vacation rental companies across the world began seeing consistent, reliable returns from their marketing investments by using the industry’s most sophisticated sales system.

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Now we’re proud to have implemented our unique strategy for more than 100 tourism partners, helping establish them as the go-to option for travellers in their niche.

It’s all part of our mission to help millions of people expand their horizons through sustainable world travel, and to help tourism operators play a bigger role in that than ever before.

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Meet The Team

Max Hardy

Max Hardy

Managing Director

I’m Max, I founded 10x Tourism in 2012 to help ambitious tourism businesses get more bookings with a consistent, automated sales process they could rely on.

Richard Remington - 10x Tourism

Richard Remington

Commercial Director

As 10x Tourism’s Commercial Director – I’m responsible for all the sales-focused aspects of our service. My aim is to ensure your tourism business has the best sales processes to achieve your goals!

Nicole Copestake

Content Marketing Manager

As Content Marketing Manager, my purpose is to create content and build strategies that bring your company’s story to life in the most impactful way.

Uros Ozegovic - 10x Tourism

Uros Ozegovic

Customer Success Manager

I’ve been Customer Success Manager at 10x Tourism since June 2022, and that means I get to wear many different hats. I take a holistic view of your account, and ensure you leave our Zoom calls smiling.

Faris Apuk - 10x Tourism

Faris Apuk

Automation Engineer

As Automation Engineer at 10x Tourism I oversee the creation, development and smooth running of our CRM and sales automation systems. In short, I’m a wizard behind the keyboard!

Jordan Henry

Jordan Henry

Media Buying Manager

As Media Buying Manager at 10x Tourism I oversee the creation, development and smooth running of our advertising budgets.

Petra Kindts

Petra Kindts

Content Engineer

About The Company

At 10x Tourism we’re dedicated to helping tour operators around the world grow their sales on autopilot, using ethical, educational marketing that gets results.

We promote fair, sustainable travel that preserves the natural and cultural heritage of the destinations we serve, and broadens the minds of millions of global travellers.

We’re fearless

Because we’re unafraid to take risks and explore the latest innovations, to uncover more breakthroughs for our clients and partners.

We’re frank

We’re direct, honest, believe in ‘radical candor’ and are guided by truth.

We’re freedom

We believe in a strong work-life balance and encourage the curious. Founded in the UK, we’re a location-independent employer.

We’re functional

We’re practical, we look for smart ways to solve problems, and above all we’re results-driven.

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