Rebranding Announcement:
We are 10x Tourism!

As a sales and marketing consultancy specialising in the travel industry for more than 10 years, we are excited to unveil a new name and a new website domain as part of a company-wide rebranding initiative.

Effective immediately, the business formerly known as ‘10x Travel’ will be known as 10x Tourism.

New beginnings

2020 has seen the tourism sector turned on its head and at times, grind to a complete halt.

Our advice to all of our ambitious tour operator partners has been to take a moment to step back, evaluate, defend… and then counter-attack. In so doing, a path that can turn this crisis into an opportunity can be found.

As the new 10x Tourism, we’ve taken our own advice. We pride ourselves on being adaptive and responsive to the needs of our market.

How To Expand Your Tour Operator Business Into New Markets With Horizontal And Vertical Scalings -branching-into-new-locations

By taking this approach, we’ve discovered that it’s not just tour operators that are seeking out our support and expertise… but the wider global tourism industry.

This includes both national and localised tourism organisations, as well as travel businesses in domestic, regional and international market sectors.

“For years we specialised in supporting 7- and 8-figure tour operator businesses. Now we are also seeing how many new, lean tourism startups are springing up and will continue to do so. The successful launch of our Tour Operator Accelerator™ program in Q2 2020 – in spite of challenging trading conditions – has allowed us to support even the newest travel businesses. Meanwhile, the personalised done-for-you services we’ve built our reputation on continue to suit larger national government organisations.”

– Max Hardy, CEO and Co-Founder of 10x Tourism

The rebrand has provided a platform to evolve our business and continue our work as an innovative sales and marketing partner to a range of tourism businesses and organizations across five continents.

10x Tourism represents our welcoming of new beginnings, and with this, the opportunity to acquire a new domain name:

Our mission has always been to help more people travel the world. Sustainably.

By opening our doors to the wider travel community, the rebrand to 10x Tourism allows us to reinforce and go even further with our mission to help more people travel the world, sustainably.

Pre-COVID, concerns over the environment, sustainability and over-tourism were, without a doubt, intensifying. Now the pandemic has given the world time to reflect on this. 

Already we are seeing consumer sentiment shifting with travellers, in particular, becoming hyper aware of these global issues. And as a result, they expect travel companies, airlines, hotels and destinations to demonstrate that they are taking these issues seriously. 

Through our alliance with the environmental charity, One Tree Planted, 10x Travel has always sought to empower our travel partners to join us in the fight against climate change. We also raise awareness of these issues to our database of tour operators and members of the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

By evolving into 10x Tourism, we’re able to expand our reach beyond tour operators. Our team of experts are entirely devoted to a single objective: to help all niches of the travel industry build a better, future-proofed business that enables a swift and sustainable recovery.

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