Africa & You: How to Use Email Marketing to Convert ‘Lookers’ Into ‘Bookers’

They have a tried and tested method. If you want to get in front of lots of people and get lots of new inquiries for your database, then I would say go for it.

The Problem

Rachel Kyle is the general manager of Africa & You, a boutique luxury safari travel company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Providing unique, tailored, out-of-this-world experiences for travellers.

Her experience spans a breadth of roles within the travel industry. But her knowledge and passion for sharing the beauty of Africa has always been the focus since she joined Africa & You in 2014.

At the time of engaging with 10x Tourism, Africa & You were covering many marketing channels. But most quality leads transpired from word of mouth. Before starting with 10x Tourism, Africa & You had only one main referrer in the USA who would send leads. 

Rachel wanted to expand Africa & You’s marketing channels and outreach to clients. She felt her small team didn’t have the capacity to focus on communicating a first-rate content strategy to their niche market.

After a few Zoom calls, Rachel was confident that 10x Tourism was the best decision for Africa & You. Being able to deliver high-value content to reach new quality leads, and most importantly increase bookings.

“We were looking to expand our marketing channels and outreach to clients. With most of our inquiries coming from this one source, we wanted to avoid having all of our eggs in one basket.”

email marketing for your tour operator business

The Solution

10x Tourism’s completely sales-focused Get More Bookings® system was perfect for Africa & You. Addressing the challenge of expanding their marketing channels and outreach. 

Targeting those high-quality leads with our done-for-you email marketing and sales automation.

Automated, conversational emails engaged Africa & You’s leads. Allowing them to sell as they would in a 1-to-1 situation, but at a significantly greater scale. 

Personalised email marketing is just one of the effective strategies deployed as part of the Get More Bookings® system to get proven results.

“What we really needed was an external marketing team to do all that for us and that’s exactly what 10x Tourism did for us.”

It was important to Rachel that 10x Tourism ‘got’ their business, and understood their target demographic. Our expert content creation team at 10x Tourism made certain that all content creation was; well researched, specific and finely tuned to their prospects needs.

Instead of flooding their website with visitors, our lead-generating content meant that Africa & You saw an influx of high-quality leads… who would then convert into sales.

“They made us feel comfortable. After some conversations, we were confident that working with them was a good decision.”

What mattered to Rachel was getting exposure to the right visitors that matched Africa & You’s ideal client profile. High-quality leads with an intention of buying.

A core part of our philosophy is ‘The 3% Rule’; meaning that initially only 3% of visitors to a site are looking to buy. The most common mistake is to ‘sell’ at the first hurdle, meaning most tour operators lose out on 97% of leads. Our job is to engage, and nurture those leads, converting them from ‘lookers’ to ‘bookers’.


The Results

“We started with all the new advertising strategies this year. Straight away, we started getting good responses. ”

Working closely together, we were able to strategize with Africa & You and figure out the best way to close more sales. 

Africa & You soon reported 30 to 40 more email signups per week – a significant increase on their previous inquiries. Their website inquiries previously stood at four to five.

By the end of the campaign, they had a database of around 800 new potential future clients.

Africa & You’s team could now use this database to improve upon their own internal marketing and create their own newsletters. 

Our sophisticated Get More Bookings® system produced both immediate and lasting results. Building back the business to be more robust for the future.

“There were 30 to 40 email signups a week, which is far better than we ever had through our website, and we got maybe four to five inquiries.”

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“10x Tourism is a really great company to work with. They know what they're doing and write really great content."

Rachel Kyle

Africa & You

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