Boat Bike Tours: Tour Operator Success Story

“Specific Intake Inquiries Doubled Or Even Tripled…
A Huge, Huge Difference!”

The Challenge

Max Meijer’s company Boat Bike Tours needed our help with a problem affecting many tour companies:

How to increase their leads, but without adding more ‘random inquiries’ to their to-do list.

Based in the Netherlands, Boat Bike Tours wanted to get more personal with their messaging, and to speak to their audience in more compelling detail about the distinctive tours they offered.

Trouble was, their website and sales messaging wasn’t really resonating with their prospective clients – an issue reflected in the sheer volume of ‘random inquiries’ they would regularly receive and have to respond to.

So much admin time was taken up by questions from people who weren’t in a ‘buying’ frame of mind – they were mostly just asking practical questions that could have been answered earlier, with more targeted messaging.

The Solution

So we at 10x Tourism got to work creating a content-driven Get More Bookings Sales Funnel that would answer more of these ‘pre’-questions – reducing the amount of ‘firefighting’ responses Max and his team had to send – an pro-actively educate & inspire new leads as they arrived.

“(10x Tourism) Really Connected With The Product And The Feeling We Want To Express To Our Clients… That Was Really Special.”

Tour operator success stories

At the same time, we were able to increase the number of new inquiries Boat Bike Tours received:

Over 900 new sales opportunities were generated in the first 10 months, largely due to the engaging emails and campaigns we created for them.

These inquiries were now coming from more serious prospects already considering a booking – making it much easier for Max and his team to convert those leads into sales.

As a result, Boat Bike Tours saw an extra 150+ bookings during the same timeframe – producing over €744,000 in additional revenue.

“It’s Hard To Believe All The Great Marketing Stories You Hear… But They Made It Come True for Us!”

Grow sales for travel and build client relationships

Max later confided to us that he’d even been quite skeptical when he first came across our process and seen some of our past results…

And that Boat Bike Tours even considered trying their hand at email marketing automation themselves, before putting their faith in our proven process.

But that skepticism soon turned to excitement when we outlined the Get More Booking sales funnel that would eventually have such an impact on his company..

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Max Meijer

Boat Bike Tours

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