Cyclomundo: Tour Operator Success Story

As the weeks passed, we could tell that the leads were actually getting, in terms of quality… better and better.

The Problem

Born out of a lifelong love for cycling, Bruno Toutain launched Cyclomundo in 2003. The French-based tour operator specialises in guided and self-guided bicycle tours throughout Europe that create memorable travel experiences for cycle enthusiasts of all abilities.

Having successfully reached the solo traveller market, Bruno wanted to expand Cyclomundo’s promotional reach and attract prospects they wouldn’t normally receive. 

But knowing how to implement an effective communication strategy that would achieve what they desired was proving an obstacle for them. 

Bruno was already aware of 10x Tourism’s expertise in the travel industry having been introduced to us a few years earlier. So when ready to take the next step to achieve Cyclomundo’s full potential, it felt natural for Bruno to turn to 10x Tourism.

“I remember seeing the whole [10x Tourism] presentation back then, and I remember thinking that's something that, at the right time, will be perfect for us. The whole process to get onboard was very, very easy.”

sales hero

The Solution

10x Tourism’s Get More Bookings® System was perfect because it addressed the challenge of attracting those high-quality leads from a broader location demographic. 

Keeping communication transparent is always key to a smooth onboarding process. 

10x Tourism guided Cyclomundo through how the strategy would evolve at every step of the campaign’s journey.

“They were good at communicating the way things would evolve. We found that slowly, we were getting more and more aware of what was going behind the scenes.”

Firstly, we gained detailed insights into the Cyclomundo brand and product offering. Then tailored our sophisticated marketing technology to target their needs and goals. At the core, we were able to foresee potential problems and solve them at the first instance rather than the last. This assured Cyclomundo that their needs were being met at a more rapid rate than before. 

This resulted in a proven sales-focused strategy designed to produce bookings, not just statistics.

“Whenever we would speak to Esmée and her colleagues we really felt the expertise. The expertise was coming through every time.”

Bruno felt that himself and his team were becoming more and more aware of the inner workings behind the scenes each week. Having total confidence in our team’s expert knowledge, strategic and technological ability made for a painless onboarding process and successful campaign.

“It was very smooth. At no point was the process difficult.”

10x Tourism helping Bruno from Cyclomundo customer success story

The Results

Within just a few weeks of implementing 10x Tourism’s Get More Bookings® Sales Funnel, Cyclomundo started generating much higher quality leads than before. To Bruno’s delight, this quality of leads continued to increase consistently thereafter.

Our tried-and-tested sales and marketing funnel created a meaningful rapport with leads. We tailored content, aimed at inspiring, educating and engaging with Cyclomundo’s potential customers. In turn, this made Cyclomundo the natural and trusted choice in the minds of their ideal customers. 

The overall verdict? Bruno felt in terms of understanding the Cyclomundo brand and meeting their goals that 10x Tourism “nailed it”.

Increase travel bookings

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Bruno from Cyclomundo tour operator success story

“The point was for us to get prospects that we usually don't get. Knowing that that was our goal, we felt that we could not have done it without them.”

Bruno Toutain


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