Do Travellers Know
How Valuable You Are?

Frida Kops   ● 5 min read
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Do your potential customers know that tour operators are valuable travel advisors?

Since every country or destination is free to enforce their own criteria for entry, it’s becoming a minefield for travellers to navigate, and a barrier for tour operators seeking to secure bookings.

For example, Barbados requires an online form to be submitted within 24 hours plus a valid Covid-19 PCR test result, taken within 72 hours of arrival.

Whereas if you wish to enter Cambodia then it’s the same rules as Barbados, PLUS an additional two more Covid-19 tests – on arrival and day 13 of a 14-day mandatory quarantine. 

This article highlights the importance of your role as a travel advisor because it’s clear that travellers who may not have used a tour operator pre-covid are now seeing the benefits of booking with one. Not only for the tour itself and a tour operator’s planning expertise, but for the guidance and support when things don’t quite go to plan.

Because this is happening more often than not.

Ashley Morris of Alpaca Your Bags Travel shares her experience of helping two customers enter Jamaica when their health visas were declined.

What particularly rang true for me is Ashley’s belief in ‘community over competition’ – we are stronger when we work together. 

It was only because Ashley had strong relationships with her contacts at the Jamaica Tourist Board and the hotel her customers were staying at, that she was able to lean on them to help her figure out what happened with the health visa and then identify possible solutions. 

Do you have a network of contacts who you could reach out to in times of need?

How many of your competitors do you have relationships with? 

Another takeaway from this article is this… 

…Because tour operators are valuable travel advisors, you play a crucial part in helping travellers navigate covid-19 protocols and restrictions. Underestimating the value of your tour operator business would be a mistake.

Are you sharing the power of booking with a travel pro with your potential customers?

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Here’s last week’s…

Last Saturday’s World Mental Health Day marked a poignant time for many travel professionals. Local and national lockdowns across the globe are emerging again which makes travel’s recovery much slower for some, but still positive for other regions. 

Let’s get started.

tour operators are valuable travel advisors

Here's this week's roundup:

Homeworker's View: 'We're all Vulnerable at Times'

Source: TTG Media

This article discusses how travel business owners can survive the “long-term and enduring nature of COVID-19” whilst also keeping their mental health intact. 

Amongst other things, Andy La Gette says that mindset is crucial. Be kind to yourself on your down days and surround yourself with people, both online and offline, who provide you with inspiration and encouragement.

tour operators are valuable travel advisors

Countries Create Health Insurance Services For Covid-19 Cases

It’s now a requirement that foreigners provide proof of health insurance on entry in over 40 countries so far. This article discusses what various nations are doing. The Dominican Republic, for example, is offering a free COVID-19 protection and assistance plan as a tactic to regain the confidence of tourists

Do the destinations you serve offer (or require) health insurance that covers COVID-19? 

If so, you could reinforce your position as a trusted travel advisor by passing this information on to your customers via a guide or email series.

tour operators are valuable travel advisors
Image Courtesy of Tourism Review

Comment: Keeping the Lights on in These Dark Times

This article provides two ways that you can plan ahead for 2021 in spite of uncertainty. 

Firstly, it’s crucial that your tour operator business lives up to its promise. Your mission statement should shine through in how you communicate with your customers, employees and partners. 

Honesty is key. 

Secondly, have confidence in your brand. “When others are fearful, silent and absent, you should be confident, vocal and present.”

tour operators are valuable travel advisors

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The Best Time to Post on Instagram & Best Posting Practices to Follow

Source: Wishpond

You know your audience best, so ultimately this article should be taken as guidance only. However, I did find the best posting practices useful. Regularly carrying out a content audit will help you refocus on the content that’s working and cull those that aren’t. What type of content do you receive the most engagement from?

tour operators are valuable travel advisors
Image Courtesy of Wishpond

How and Why to Delete Previously Disapproved Facebook Ads

If you’ve ever had a Facebook ad disapproved then you’ll want to read this article. Facebook uses an automated algorithm to flag ads for policy violations. Regardless of whether there was an actual violation or it was a mistake of the algorithm, leaving past ads that were disapproved on your ad account can lead to it being disabled altogether.  

Even if the ads aren’t live. 

Read the full article to learn how you can clean up problematic Facebook ads.

tour operators are valuable travel advisors
Image Courtesy of Social Media Examiner

How to Find Your Bearings in a Crisis

Source: TedTalk

This TedTalk article provides 5 ways that you can find your bearings when things throw you off course by shifting your mindset and your environment. 

Something I think everyone in the travel industry is guilty of doing is creating worry loops. Ingrid Fetell Lee unpacks how to break these worry loops so you feel less drained and more productive.

tour operators are valuable travel advisors
Lucy Kirk via

A statistic I found interesting:

69% of respondents are feeling somewhat or very worried about the effect COVID-19 is having on their life. 56% are feeling stressed or anxious. (ONS)

A question for you:

Are you coping ok? How are you feeling about 2021?

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