Momentum Ski: Tour Operator Success Story

“Our Online Intake Surveys… Almost Doubled In The First Year!”

The Problem

As Ben Badger, Director of Sales & Events at UK-based Momentum Ski admits today, when it came to digital marketing:

“There was a problem we didn’t know we had… we were definitely behind the game.”

The company had sought help from a number of options before, with little success.

But after working with 10x Tourism initially on their new website, Momentum decided to develop their business with a renewed focus on sales.

Knowing 10x Tourism had expertise not only in the travel industry but also in the ski industry was a big incentive for us.”

Tour operator success stories

The Solution

10x Tourism co-founder Max Hardy retains close links with the ski industry, which meant we were able to hit the ground running with a new content-driven sales system for Momentum.

We implemented a Get More Bookings sales funnel for them, featuring social media marketing, Google Ads, educational emails and autoresponders, and customized content marketing.

“We were a good fit…We’ve had a good relationship and it’s worked well for us.”

Grow sales for travel and build client relationships

People who were interested in Momentum’s tailor-made ski events and experiences were now able to learn more about the areas they wanted to visit, and even opt-in to a 6-part email series teaching them how to plan their perfect ski weekend.

As a result, we were able not only to increase traffic to their website and on social media…

But also to significantly increase quality leads by nurturing new prospects with educational content that positioned Momentum Ski as the natural choice once they were ready to start booking.

This resulted in an additional £533,928 in revenue over 12 months – all directly attributable to Momentum Ski’s Get More Bookings sales funnel.

Increase travel bookings

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“As they’ve developed their products we’ve
used them to improve our business”

Ben Badger

Momentum Ski

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