More Mountain: Tour Operator Success Story

“We’ve Probably Taken An EXTRA €30,000
– €40,000 A Year…
Sometimes More”

The Problem

Like many travel company owners, Sam Thomas and More Mountain realized they needed a reliable marketing process for bringing in more consistent leads and sales.

Co-founder Sam also knew she had to improve the ways her ideal clients could find her company, and increase their understanding of More Mountain’s unique brand.

But despite her business’ increasing success, Sam found that a number of factors were holding her back from doing this.

“We were conscious that we needed to be ahead of the game in terms of content marketing… improving our searchability… and general brand awareness.”

Tour operator success stories

More Mountain operates over 30 luxury chalets & apartments across prime locations in the ski & snowboarding hotspot of Morzine, in the French Alps.

But with mountain sports driving much of their client base, business is seasonal – which can be challenging to manage.

Their no-expense-spared properties in stylish, 5-star locations also draw a very specific and discerning ideal client. And as many luxury travel companies know all too well, those people aren’t always easy to find!

Sam understood the value of high quality, information-driven content for attracting, nurturing and converting new leads, but didn’t have the time or resources needed to create or automate this process. She was also wary of adding a full-time marketing position to her growing team’s payroll.

Additionally, the spectre of GDPR compliance changes left Sam concerned about how that may impact her team’s email marketing too.

So in 2016, Sam started working with 10x Tourism to try to overcome these obstacles.

The Solution

As a small travel business with limited resources, Sam’s goal was to generate a six-figure return on her investment with us, rather than aiming for millions in annual sales like some of our larger clients.

Having helped smaller businesses like Sam’s in the past, we knew how we could help…

We started by creating an automated content marketing system that would appeal to one specific segment of More Mountain’s ideal client base:

Providing educational information to help skiers and snowboarders plan exciting trips to Morzine in the winter.

Sam noticed a difference as soon as the first article was published on their site and promoted on social media:

“The response we got for it was absolutely fantastic. A lot of people commented about how it was a really useful article… very content driven, rather than sales driven.”

As Sam had hoped, the reaction demonstrated that many winter sports enthusiasts were keen to learn more about Morzine, and wanted resources to help them to research how to book the holiday of a lifetime there.

Once the skiing & snowboarding funnel was generating consistent leads and sales, we took the next step and created a second automated, educational email course designed specifically for another key section of More Mountain’s audience: summer visitors.

Families and cyclists visiting the Alps in summer want very different experiences to the winter sports crowd – but many are still ideal clients for More Mountain, who wanted to improve ‘off-season’ sales outside the winter months.

With the second email course and sales funnel for people looking to book a summer visit in place, we were able to help More Mountain improve sales during the summer, and start filling their luxury chalets all year round.

It wasn’t just a case of slamming every inbox full of promotion after promotion. Instead, both courses’ hyper-specific content positioned More Mountain as an authority in both niches, while showcasing their beautiful properties to the right people at the right moments.

“10x Tourism really helped us develop an email marketing course which was fantastic, and we still have that today.”

Grow sales for travel and build client relationships

The Results?

More Mountain’s automated email course has been responsible for an extra €10 to €20,000 in additional profit each year – all from brand new client bookings via 10x Tourism’s email-driven sales funnels.

In fact, in 2018 alone, our Get More Bookings sales system generated £111,860 in additional revenue for More Mountain – including more than £34,000 in profit for Sam’s business that year.

Their sales system even lets More Mountain cross-promote winter skiing trips to cyclists, and summer alpine experiences to snowboarders – increasing the consistency of their bookings, so they’re less reliant on seasonal spikes and have more predictable year-round sales.

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