Rad + Reisen: Tour Operator Success Story

“Already after a couple of weeks we realised requests through our online contact form raised tremendously”

The Problem

Edgar Ginzler is Deputy Managing Director of Vienna-based Rad + Reisen. The company has specialized in organized cycle holidays across some of Europe’s most beautiful locations since 1989.

In 2001 Rad + Reisen began uniquely combining their bike tours with boat cruises along the Danube, allowing their customers to experience quality on-board accommodation and catering in various countries while they pedal along one of Europe’s longest, most scenic river cycle paths.

More recently, Edgar’s team saw an opportunity to reach a far larger English-speaking market that previously had seemed out of reach. As he told us: “We were sure we were losing many interested people to our competitors.”

Rad + Reisen’s website and marketing efforts had restricted them just to German-speaking prospects, and they wanted to appeal to a much wider potential audience by creating an English-language sales funnel that would help them expand into a new market without having to completely reinvent their service.

They believed it could be done, but they weren’t sure exactly how.

“We saw that the English-speaking market was growing, but we were not sure how to invest our marketing budget correctly”

Tour operator success stories

The Solution

10x Tourism began working with the Rad + Reisen team in 2018, and in just a few months we were able to help them significantly expand their English-speaking customer base with a customized Get More Bookings® sales funnel.

In fact, over the first 6 months of implementing their new sales funnel, traffic to their site from English-speaking countries grew by an extra 50% compared with the same period the previous year.

And that expansion resulted in a surge of 10x Tourism-assisted bookings and additional revenue: over 220 new customers and an additional turnover of more than €300,000 in less than nine months.

A large portion of those new sales were to English-speaking customers, as Rad + Reisen were finally able to gain a share of this lucrative international market.

“We receive a lot of emails from online marketing agencies, all promising huge results… but when Max contacted us, it felt right – so it was worth waiting!”

Grow sales for travel and build client relationships

Initially Edgar was wary of working with a digital sales partner, as like so many businesses, his company regularly receives cut & paste approaches from online marketing agencies who promise to get them more leads (as long as Rad + Reisen increases their ad budget, of course).

10x Tourism’s approach is different. We only work with ambitious tour operator companies, focusing on helping them convert their new leads into sales – rather than just spending money to increase traffic.

The Get More Bookings® sales funnel can be customized to your specific business, and utilizes a combination of tried and tested digital sales strategies. We also use cutting-edge automation tools to produce consistent, reliable results that let you scale your business growth.

At the time of writing, this particular sales funnel has generated additional sales of over €500,000 and counting for our partners at Rad + Reisen.

Increase travel bookings

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“Contact with 10x Tourism staff is great, very professional... We receive answers immediately if we have any questions.”

Edgar Ginzler

Rad + Reisen

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